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Focallure Acne Care Gel Mask, FASC04#G

Acne Care is simple to provide you with a lot of facial skin care due to the bright and natural hue.

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Focallure twin core gel Hydrating, Moisturising, Acne Care & Oil Control


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Product Description

The perfect combination of hydration and oil control

The Twin-Core Gel Masks from FocallureTM are the perfect solution for those looking for both hydration and oil control. The unique twin-core design features an egg-white-like moisturizing core and an egg-yolk-like functioning core, enclosed in adorable fish-like packaging. This multipurpose mask is perfect for hydrating, moisturizing, acne care, and oil control.

Hydrate with Australian Tea Tree Essence

Focallure twin core gel Hydrating, Moisturising, Acne Care & Oil Control

The Australian Tea Tree Essence and Aloe Vera in the Oil Control® Gel Masks can successfully control the skin’s water and oil levels, leaving it clear and smooth. The hydrating core may deeply hydrate the skin, while several functional core versions have various benefits that are intended to address the issues of various skin types.

Moisturizing Face Masks

Face masks that deeply moisturize the skin also keep it moistened with silica gel and your own natural moisture. This ensures that your skin stays hydrated and protected from the environment.

Facial Cleansing Masks

A delicate protective covering that is both effective and efficient at removing oil, blackheads, and organic brilliance. Natural skin is simple to provide you with a lot of facial skin care due to the bright and natural hue. Our faceless mask comes with a foam handle so you can transport it while traveling, so you can take your perfect skin care routine with you wherever you go.
– Green (Reduce acne marks and get rid of acne)
Use seven masks every week. The same function masks or a combination of function masks can be used.

How to apply

1. Use warm water to wash your face.
2. After removing the mask from the packaging, swirl it with a spoon or your finger until the egg white and yolk have combined.
3. Evenly spread the mask around your face.
4. Permit 15 minutes. (A 3-minute moisturizing mask should only be left on for that long.)
5. Use warm water to rinse your face.


1. For dry and lifeless skin (one set for seven days):
Green (Acne Care)
2. For oily skin with acne (1 set for 7 days)


Type: Wrapped Mask
Use: Whole Face
Gender: Unisex
Origin: Mainland China
Formulation: Gel
Feature: Acne Treatment,Moisturizing,Oil-control,Whitening,Depth Replenishment
Item Type: Treatment & Mask
NET WT: 3.8g * 7
Ingredient: Mineral
Country/Region of Manufacture: China
Certification: GZZZ
Model Number: 30109
Certificate Number: Other
focallure mask: face skin gel maskface mask
feature 1: moisturizing face mask
feature 2: Facial cleansing masks
quantity: 7 pcs mask each set

General Information​

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Additional information
Weight3.8 g
Dimensions50 × 35 × 50 mm








Acne Treatment, Moisturizing, Oil-control, Whitening, Depth Replenishment, Moisturizing face mask, Facial cleansing masks

Item Type

Treatment & Mask




Model Number


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