Technic 3x False Eyelash Glue

Get ready for a stunning eye look with Technic False Eyelash Glue. This pack of 3 tubes provides perfect adhesion for your false lashes and is best used with Technic lashes for a flawless finish. Order now from Pink Flash BD for an authentic product.

Technic 3x False Eyelash Glue


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Technic False Eyelash Glue

Achieve a mesmerizing eye look with Technic False Eyelash Glue. This adhesive is specifically designed to set your false lashes in place for a long-lasting, gorgeous look. The pack of 3 tubes ensures you’ll never run out of glue when you need it most.

Technic 3X False Eyelash Glue

Perfect for Use with Technic Lashes

Technic 3X False Eyelash Glue

This eyelash glue is the perfect companion to Technic lashes. When used together, the glue and lashes create a seamless, natural look that lasts all day. No need to worry about reapplying or your lashes falling off – Technic False Eyelash Glue has got you covered.

Easy to Use

Using Technic False Eyelash Glue is simple and straightforward. Simply apply a thin line of glue along the lash band, wait a few seconds for it to become tacky, and then place the lashes onto your lash line. It’s that easy!

Order Now from Pink Flash BD

For an authentic, certified product, purchase Technic False Eyelash Glue from Pink Flash BD. Our website only sells genuine products and helps you achieve the perfect, flawless look you desire.

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