Farmasi Farmstay Real Aloevera Essence Mask

Unveiling the Farm Stay Real Aloe Vera Essence Mask: Your Ultimate Moisturizing Solution

Farmstay Real Aloevera Essence Mask


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Unveiling the Farm Stay Real Aloe Vera Essence Mask: Your Ultimate Moisturizing Solution

the epitome of hydration with the Farm Stay Real Aloe Vera Essence Mask. Enriched with aloe vera leaf extract, this mask is designed to transform dry skin into a canvas of health and moisture.

Point 1: Hydrate and Moisturize for Radiant Skin

Farmstay Real Aloevera Essence Mask

Immerse your skin in the power of calming and moisturizing with Point 1. The Farm Stay Real Aloe Vera Essence Mask contains a generous amount of Aloe Vera Extract, a moisture-retaining wonder. It nourishes dry skin, leaving it smooth, soft, and irresistibly healthy.

Point 2: Nutrient Boost with Super Adhesive Formula

Experience the magic of a super adhesive and highly moisturizing mask pack with Point 2. This Essence Mask sheet adheres closely to the contours of your face, ensuring optimal nutrient supply without any stickiness. The new formula penetrates the skin, making it soft, smooth, and luxuriously nourished.

Point 3: Achieve a Refreshing Finish

Point 3 promises a refreshing finish with quick absorption. The essence swiftly permeates the skin, striking a perfect balance between oil and water. Enjoy the invigorating sensation as your skin receives ample moisture, leaving it refreshed and revitalized.

Skin Care Caution: Prioritize Safety and Efficacy Essence Mask

If you experience redness, swelling, or itchiness during or after usage, suspend use and seek advice from a physician.
Avoid using the product on wounds or irritated skin areas.
Storage and handling precautions:
Keep away from children.
Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.
Farm Stay Real Aloe Vera Essence Mask: Natural Ingredients for Immediate Benefits

The essence-drenched Farm Stay Real Aloe Vera Essence Mask boasts natural ingredients for instant skin benefits:

Aloe Vera: Effectively hydrates dry skin and soothes irritation.
Size: 1 Sheet
Made in Korea

Directions for a Radiant Transformation
Cleanse your face and apply toner to refine the skin texture.
Carefully remove the mask from packaging, unfold, and place it on your face.
Apply the mask evenly, gently smoothing it to ensure perfect contact with your skin.
Let the mask work its magic for 10 to 20 minutes.
Remove the mask and discard. Lightly pat your skin to absorb the remaining essence.
Cautionary Notes for Skin Harmony
For external use only.
Avoid contact with eyes.
Do not apply to broken or inflamed skin.
Keep out of reach of children.
Exercise caution on easily irritated skin; test on small areas recommended.
Discontinue use if signs of irritation appear.

Store in cool and dry places, away from direct sunlight.

Elevate your skincare routine with the authentic Farm Stay Real Aloe Vera Essence Mask, available exclusively at Pink Flash BD. Unveil the beauty of hydrated and radiant skin.

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