Farmasi Kajol + Liner Kajol 2in1

Farmasi Eyeliner Pen & Auto Kajol, a 2-in-1 kajol + eyeliner with an intense black color, water and smudge-resistant formula.

Farmasi Kajol + Liner Kajol 2in1


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Farmasi Eyeliner Pen & Auto Farmasi Kajol: The Power Duo for Intense Eyes

Unleash the power of the authentic Farmasi Eyeliner Pen & Auto Farmasi Kajol, a dynamic 2-in-1 solution for intense and captivating eyes. This product boasts an intense black color, water and smudge-resistant formula, and a user-friendly design for a flawless application.

All-Day Lasting Beauty: Farmasi Eyeliner Pen & Auto farmasi Kajol

Farmasi Kajol + Liner Kajol 2in1

Intense Black Color : For all applications, experience the richness of an intense black color that defines and accentuates your eyes. Whether you prefer a subtle daytime look or a bold evening appearance, this eyeliner delivers

Water and Smudge-Resistant

Bid farewell to makeup mishaps. The Farmasi Eyeliner Pen & Auto Kajol features a water and smudge-resistant formula, ensuring your eye makeup stays pristine throughout the day. No need to worry about rain, tears, or unexpected smudges.

Alcohol-Free and Non-Allergic Formula: Gentle on the eyes, this eyeliner is crafted with an alcohol-free and non-allergic formula. Say goodbye to irritation and discomfort, making it suitable for those with sensitive eyes.


Easy to Use Application

The extra-soft tip of this eyeliner ensures a precise, clean, and easy application. Glide effortlessly along your lash line, creating the perfect line every time. Ideal for both beginners and makeup enthusiasts.

Extra Intense Color Pigments: Elevate Your Makeup Game

Waterproof Formula : Farmasi Eyeliner Pen & Auto Farmasi Kajol’s waterproof formula ensures longevity, making it ideal for a perfect makeup look that lasts all day. No more worries about smudging or fading, even in humid conditions.

Soft and Silky Texture

Experience a soft and silky texture that effortlessly glides onto your eyelids. The smooth application enhances comfort, giving you control over the intensity of your eye makeup.

Perfect Eye Contouring

The pencil’s design allows for precise eye contouring. Sculpt and shape your eyes with ease, adding definition and allure to your overall look.

Lustrous Eye-Lightening Pigments

Illuminate and define your eyes with lustrous eye-lightening pigments. Achieve a captivating gaze that highlights the natural beauty of your eyes.

Long-Lasting, Smudge-Proof, Waterproof: Your Eyeliner Goals

Bring on a Long-Lasting Look :  With its new formulation, Farmasi Eyeliner Pen & Auto Kajol ensures a long-lasting effect that withstands the demands of your day. Enjoy a consistently vibrant and fresh look from morning to night.

Smudge-Proof Confidence

Bid farewell to smudged eyeliner mishaps. This eyeliner provides a smudge-proof finish, ensuring your makeup stays intact and polished throughout your busy day.

Waterproof Confidence

Embrace a waterproof eyeliner that stands up to any challenge. Whether it’s a rainy day or a teary-eyed moment, your eyeliner remains intact, maintaining your flawless appearance.

Authentic Farmasi Quality: Exclusively from Pink Flash BD

Authenticity Guaranteed : Ensure you receive the authentic Farmasi Eyeliner Pen & Auto Farmasi Kajol experience by purchasing only from Pink Flash BD. Trust in the quality and performance of this exceptional eye makeup product.

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General Information: This website is operating by Pinkflashbd. They are the authorized distributor of Pink Flash, Focallure and many more Cosmetics. Pink flash Bangladesh accepts all types of Electronic Payments. We also accepts Cash On Delivery.


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