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Focallure Hydrating Sheet Face Mask #01

The brand-new Focallure Hydrating Sheet Face Mask #01 that comes with 5 different variations that can solve all skin issues for various skin types, give the skin a boost of vitality, and revive the skin.

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Focallure Hydrating Sheet Face Mask (For all skin type)

The brand-new Focallure Energy Facial Sheet Masks that comes with 5 different variations that can solve all skin issues for various skin types, give the skin a boost of vitality, and revive the skin.

Aloe: Deeply moisturizing aloe. It has a lot of Aloe vera and Centella to soothe and heal burnt skin brought on by intense UV rays. It moisturizes skin and is appropriate for all skin types.

Tea tree: Care for acne and oil control. Choose Australian tea tree essence to treat acne and blackheads, refill energy for oily and acne-prone skin, regulate oil production, and bring the skin’s water and oil balance into balance.

Honey: Softens and moisturizes the skin. restores moisture to dry skin and gives energy tired skin with a delicate honey scent. For those with dry skin and cakey makeup effects, honey is the best pick.

Nicotinamide: Tone up. Skin tone evenness and dullness are improved by nicotinamide. When combined with anti-radiation houttuynia substances, it is perfect for sallow or dull skin brought on by extended use of mobile devices and computers.

Vitamin C: Whitening skin using vitamin C. Rich in vitamin C and shrimp, it efficiently reduces melanin buildup in the skin, fades acne scars and blemishes, and has anti-oxidant and anti-allergic properties that make the skin more sensitive, smooth, and elastic. It also has a faint orange smell.

How to apply of Sheet Face Mask:

  1. Use warm water to wash your face.
  2. Gently open the mask and apply to your face.
  3. Wait for 15 to 20 minutes.
  4. After removing the mask, massage the face to fully adsorb the essence.

For best results, place the mask in the refrigerator.

Vitamin C is best used at night, and if used during the day, it should be used with sunscreen to avoid exposure to the sun.

Short Name: Sheet Face Mask 10 Sheets In Pack;
Serial Number: FASC03 ;
Purpose: Skin Care;
Options: 5;
Net Content: 25g*10;
Origin: China;
Shelf Life: 3 Years;
Industry Record Number: Guangdong G Makeup Network Preparation Word2018143426


Focallure Sheet Mask (For All Skin Type)
Sheet Face Mask (For All Skin Type)

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Weight25 g
Dimensions154 × 104 × 154 mm





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